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Kess V2 Complete set of Car Cables

  • £1,068.00 144300KCAR

A full and comprehensive set of cables in an official Alientech suitcase. This particular set contains all necessary cables for Kess V2 to remap Cars. Save money on the cables themselves by buying the full kit and also save on carriage. Contents as follows:

144300K202 - BMW 20 pin Diagnostic Connector Cable

144300K203 - Mercedes 38 pin Diagnostic Connector Cable

144300K204 - Fiat / Alfa / Lancia 38 pin Diagnotic ECU Connector Cable for BOSCH ECU (ME7.3.1/ME3.1/ME2.1/ME7.3H4)

144300K205 - Porsche OBD Connector Cable for BOSCH ECU (ME5.2.2)  

144300K206 - VAG Cable, Audi / Seat / Skoda / VW ECU Connector Cable for BOSCH ECU (EDC15)  

144300K239 - Mitsubishi Double Diagnostic Connector Cable

144300K240 - Subaru Diagnostic Connector Cable and Jumpers

144300K250 - Lotus Cable (OBDII)

14P600KT05 - VAG 1.6 TDI Unlocker Kit, Protection removal kit for VAG 1.6TDI: 14P600BTLR - 14P600KT02 - 1400SWALIM

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