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Kess V2 Car/Bike & K-Tag Slave Starter Kit: Topgear Tuning Dealer Package

  • £4,176.00 14P600KS01 + 14P600KS03 + 14KT00KTAS 14KTSLPPRT

OBDII Port & ECU Out Car/Bike Remapping

This is a full starter kit for Kess V2 & KTag, giving you everything you need to remap vehicles either by plugging into the on-board diagnostic (OBD) port or removing the ECU to tune. You provide the read, we modify the file and you write the modified file back onto the vehicle. Kess is an ECU interface tool and whenever possible, Kess should be used instead of KTag as it is a simpler and safer process.  KTag is an ECU out (removing ECU from vehicle) tool and whenever possible, Kess should be used instead, particularly as extra labor time is required for K tag. With both tools, you unlock the potential of the entire K-Suite list of tens of thousands of mappable vehicles; and the ability to say Yes! to almost any mappable car. You do not need to purchase subscriptions as the first twelve months are included along with the full protocols.

If the kit is being purchased in order to join Topgear Tuning, we include point of sale marketing (leaflets, banner and authorised dealer sign), a dedicated support team, special prices and terms on purchased files and perhaps most importantly, you will be featured on our dealer websites. We also provide free training on the kit or for an additional fee we can send someone to you for training at your premises.

Your first 5 files will also be included for both Kess and KTag, free of charge; allowing your initial investment to be rapidly returned via ten completely free & 100% profitable ECU remaps. The file price structure for Topgear Tuning dealers is as follows and rewards those purchasing files in bulk (we assign credits onto your account and if you wish, we can automatically top you up, please discuss with the Tuning team)

We can provide performance, economy or blend remaps; and we are one of the few tuning networks who can provide DPF off and EGR off remapping- at no additional cost to a standard file.

If the device is being purchased to a master network other than Topgear Tuning, we need the Master code to have it correctly assigned to the right network. 

Kess V2 Hardware 14P600KS01

The hardware comes as pictured, brand new and including the basic set of OBD (on-board diagnostic) cables needed to read from most vehicles.

The cables included are as follows-

Kess V2 Software 14P600KS03

This package includes protocol activation for Cars, LCVs and Bikes. In conjunction with our Slave Kess V2 Hardware, these protocols are the standard selection for most tuners and are necessary to remap the aforementioned vehicle groups. The list of vehicles that Kess can read/write to is the largest such list in the world and grows on a weekly basis. 

This package also includes 12 months of subscriptions for the aforementioned protocols.

KTag Hardware 14KT00KTAS

The hardware comes as pictured, brand new and including the basic set of cables needed to read from most vehicles.

The cables included are called for by the KTag itself depending on the vehicle being remapped, and are as follows (bulk listed as SKU 144300KTST)

  • AF3401001 - 2 male pin header (2.54MM) and 10 female pin header (2.54MM)
  • 144300T100 - 2 ribbon cables
  • 144300T101 - 2 ribbon cables
  • 144300T102 - 2 ribbon cables
  • 144300T103 - 2 ribbon cables
  • 144300T104 - 2 rainbow ribbon cables
  • 144300T105 - 2 rainbow ribbon cables
  • 144300T106 - 2 rainbow ribbon cables

Soldering is sometimes required to interface with certain ECU's via Ktag. The following boards are included with the KTag slave hardware-

  • 14AS00T01S - Board to be soldered for Delphi DCI ECUs
  • 14AS00T03S - Board to be soldered for Siemens and Marelli ECUs
  • 14AS00T04S - Board to be soldered for Delphi Dcm ECUs

KTag Software 14KTSLPPRT

This package comes with KTAG Slave Full Protocols; allowing you to remap not only cars but bikes, trucks, agricultural and marine vehicles.

  • BDM Motorola MPC5xx - Slave protocols activation for Motorola MPC5xx microprocessor
  • JTAG Nexus MPC5xxx - Slave protocols activation for Nexus MPC5xxx microprocessor
  • JTAG Renesas SH705x - Slave protocols activation for Renesas SH705x microprocessor
  • Bootloader Mitsubishi MH72xx/MH8xxx - Slave protocols activation for Mitsubishi MH72xx/MH8xxx microprocessor
  • Bootloader Infineon Tricore - Slave protocols activation for Infineon Tricore microprocessor
  • Bootloader ST10Fxxx - Slave protocols activation for ST10Fxxx microprocessor
  • BDM Motorola 68000HC - Slave protocols activation for Motorola 68000HC microprocessor
  • BDM Motorola HC12 - Slave protocols activation for Motorola HC12 microprocessor
  • Bootloader RENESAS M32 - Slave protocols activation for Renesas M32 microprocessor

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