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Alientech - Kess 3

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ECU and TCU programming via OBD, boot and bench.
Welcome third dimension.


Thanks to thirty years of experience and nearly three years of development, KESS3 is the most advanced engineering achievement ever conceived in the Chiptuning industry. Alientech has made a significant breakthrough to create something unique and extraordinary, which has no equal in the market, in terms of functions, convenience, and versatility.

Sensational performance, high operational flexibility and ease of use allow you to interface with engines and gearbox control units with a single tool.

OBD Mode

With the OBD mode, you can easily access all the ECU data through the diagnostic socket.

BENCH mode

A simple interface to the connector and you have complete access to the data of your ECU.


This mode allows you to access all system data areas. Read, Write and Clone.

Alientech SUITE.

A completely redesigned and new suite, in design and architecture.

Such advanced new hardware inspired us to design software that would take full advantage of its potential.
A completely redesigned and new suite, in design and architecture

New look, clean design, everything you need at your fingertips. Updated regularly to be functional, usable and easy.


A completely renewed UX. An intuitive dashboard with improved access to the vehicle list with the ability to create a list of favorite vehicles and a view of the history of vehicles already interfaced.

List of protocols and vehicles updated daily and always available online. Technical instruction available in multi- language to support users during the most complex operations.

The new interactive “search” function will allow you to access the vehicle list or search for the microprocessor of your ECU in a few seconds. Downloading and updating the list are now instant.

Direct access to the Alientech help desk and all development news.

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