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It is the right solution to reach your customers worldwide. Configure and customize Powergate3+, send it to a customer wherever he is and make his driving experience more personal and exciting.



Powergate3+ Car

lots of protocols available to expand your business in the auto industry.

Powergate3+ Bike

As for cars, with Powergate3 we provide all the most important brands of the motorcycle industry.

Powergate3+ Tractor

Agricultural work and earth-moving equipment constantly growth in the chiptuning world, here too Powergate3+ offers a wide range of solutions to intervene with complete reliability.

There is no User without Decoder. The tuner purchase a single Decoder and can associate to this countless User tools, configured and preloaded with the modified files.


Powergate3+ Decoder

Is the tool that allows you to associate to your customer code and to configure all the User Powergate3+ to sell your customers. All the files you modified and uploaded to the device are encoded to protect your work and you will have a modified file internal database.

Powergate3+ User

Is the tool which is sent to the end customer. It contains the Original File of the ECU and the modified maps (up to 5 different levels of elaboration), that the customer can write on its vehicles.