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Kess3 DynoDrive - Available July 2024

Kess3 DynoDrive - Available July 2024

  • £1,176.00 KESS3HW000+KESS3SKWO

This kit is made for dyno testing with the new DynoDrive software.

DynoDrive is an advanced feature, exclusive to Alientech Suite and KESS3, which allows for calculating and verifying performance while driving a vehicle.

Through the OBD diagnostic port and data acquisition from the integrated GPS module, DynoDrive provides power and torque values of a car that can be exported and compared endlessly on your reserved area.

The DynoDrive application allows you to revolutionize vehicle testing on the road, without additional costs for dedicated equipment. The experience of testing a car transforms into a unique opportunity to verify the vehicle’s performance and evaluate the effectiveness of any modifications.

Gain a valuable ally to improve your work and ensure customers a high-quality service, meeting their expectations. With DynoDrive, every road test will provide real and reliable values that represent a tangible parameter to certify your work with cutting-edge technology and ease of system use.

Choose DynoDrive and give out more to your workshop by offering your customers a better service.


*This kit is configured exclusively for Dynodrive. To enable remapping options, you will need to add activations either at the time of purchase or later.

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