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KTag Hardware

Ktag is the ECU-out equivalent to the highly popular Kess v2; allowing the vast majority of vehicles that can be read with Kess V2 to be read by careful removal of the ECU and interfacing with it, as well as opening up a huge plethora of additional vehicles that cannot be mapped via the OBD port due to anti-tune, vehicle age or presence of secondary tables in the file. In general, Kess is the preferred option to tune a vehicle without any risk of having to remove the ECU from the car; but Ktag allows vehicles that simply could not be mapped by a dealer with only Kess to be remapped, increasing revenue by saying "yes!" to more consumers.

Ktag is extremely well supported and boasts the largest list of mappable vehicles on the planet, with new vehicles being added to the Ksuite list on a frequent basis. If you are interesting in purchasing K-tag for the first time in order to enter the tuning industry, we recommend you purchase the KTag Starter Kit, listed in our Starter Kits shop section; or get in touch directly with one of our tuning experts by filling out the "Become a Dealer" form.