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Powergate 4+

  • £324.00

Powergate is the new generation of portable control unit programmers for cars and motorcycles, created to offer every driver a personalized driving experience for their vehicle.

Thanks to a compact design and connection with an intuitive app, Powergate provides a highly customizable and precise vehicle tuning experience.

Powergate evolves not only in design, being durable and user-friendly, but also through its extensive list of compatible cars and motorcycles, enabling Powergate Manager to spread its customizations worldwide.

The cloud infrastructure allows for management via the app and dashboard, freeing it from geographical limitations.


Technical specifications

  • Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 2 cm / 3,9 x 3,9 x 0,8 inch
  • Weight: 135 g / 4,8 oz
  • Features: GPS, Accelerometer, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.
  • Compatibility: Android version 7.0 and above, Huawei version 7.0 and above, iOS version 12.0 and above.


OBD DB25 Connection

Powergate is compatible with both OBD cables for cars and motorcycles. The OBD cable has been designed in line with the aesthetics of the device to ensure a seamless and pleasant user experience.


Powergate App

The Powergate app is compatible with the most widely used smartphone operating systems: iOS, Android, and EMUI, offering an intuitive tuning experience through vehicle performance customization. Once paired with the smartphone, it allows access to modified files on the Cloud.

Furthermore, it’s possible to customize its skin: an effective tool for the Powergate Manager to create a distinctive visual identity, transcending geographical boundaries and differentiating from the competition.