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Starter Kits

Products listed within this category are bundles designed to ease someone into the ECU Remapping trade, with Topgear Tuning offering support, guidance, free starter files, point of sale marketing and so much more. We succeed when our dealers succeed and therefore our offering is unmatched in terms of value for money as well as the ample support a new dealer may require to begin remapping cars. We provide the most competitive price on the market for genuine Alientech tools. We are one of the largest and most prolific Tuning networks in the UK with more and more dealers starting their career with us or moving across to our network.

The equipment, protocols and software you would need to begin reading and writing ECU's via the OBD (on-board diagnostic) port is included in the Kess V2 Starter package listed below. The equivalent Ktag package allows the same process to be performed on a myriad of vehicles not remappable by the OBD port.

For people interested in joining our Topgear Tuning dealer network, you may first want to get in touch with us via our Become a Dealer page and we can talk you through every step of the process. Unlike many other tuning networks, we are also able to offer lines of credit and financing to get you started.

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