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K TAG Master Hardware (Tool)

  • £1,080.00 14KT00KTAM

The hardware comes as pictured, brand new and including the basic set of cables needed to read from most vehicles. In addition to the hardware, you will need to purchase protocols depending on what vehicles you are wanting to remap. In most cases, customers will want car/bike protocols, listed in Ktag Software. You do not need to purchase subscriptions as the first twelve months are included in any protocol package.

KTag is an ECU out (removing ECU from vehicle) tool and whenever possible, Kess should be used instead, particularly as extra labor time is required for K tag. If someone was to own only one of these two tuning tools, it should definitely be the Kess.

Please Note- Unlike a Slave device, a Master device is not locked to any specific dealer and thus the owner of a Master device can purchase files from anyone. However, most dealers charge more to sell files to Master devices and the costs are higher in terms of both hardware and protocols. If you are just starting in the tuning industry, we do not recommend beginning with master tools

The cables included are called for by the KTag itself depending on the vehicle being remapped, and are as follows (bulk listed as SKU 144300KTST)

AF3401001 - 2 male pin header (2.54MM) and 10 female pin header (2.54MM)

144300T100 - 2 ribbon cables

144300T101 - 2 ribbon cables

144300T102 - 2 ribbon cables

144300T103 - 2 ribbon cables

144300T104 - 2 rainbow ribbon cables

144300T105 - 2 rainbow ribbon cables

144300T106 - 2 rainbow ribbon cables

Soldering is sometimes required to interface with certain ECU's via Ktag. The following boards are included with the KTag slave hardware-

14AS00T01S - Board to be soldered for Delphi DCI ECUs

14AS00T03S - Board to be soldered for Siemens and Marelli ECUs

14AS00T04S - Board to be soldered for Delphi Dcm ECUs

We offer limited support for Master devices- if you need guidance in order to read/write files, a Master device is unlikely to be the right purchase for you.

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