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DynoDrive - The power test within KESS3

Posted by fabrizio reynolds on

Feature available from July 2024

DynoDrive is a cutting-edge feature, exclusive to the Alientech Suite and KESS3, designed to calculate and verify a vehicle’s performance during real-time driving.

By utilizing the OBD diagnostic port and integrated GPS module, DynoDrive delivers accurate power and torque measurements. These values can be exported and compared endlessly within your dedicated area.

The DynoDrive application transforms vehicle testing on the road, eliminating the need for costly specialized equipment. It offers a unique opportunity to verify performance and assess the impact of any modifications directly.

Enhance your work with a powerful tool that ensures high-quality service, meeting and exceeding customer expectations. With DynoDrive, every road test yields precise and reliable data, providing tangible evidence to certify your work with the latest technology and user-friendly systems.

Choose DynoDrive to elevate your workshop, offering your customers superior service.


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